Baliti Integrated School Launches Official Website with Assistance from GDI

Traveloka Helps Launch Baliti Integrated School Website
July 12, 2017

GDI Online Marketing, the Philippines’ leading provider of search engine optimization (SEO) services, has helped Baliti Integrated School successfully launch its very own, official website.

The school, located in Barangay Baliti, San Fernando, Pampanga, is a public institution that provides free basic education to the youth of the area. The school has long aspired to have its own website to help with the real-time distribution of announcements, learning materials and teaching aids.

“GD is elated to have helped another learning institution make the leap to the digital age,” says Glen Dimaandal, founder and CEO of the agency. “Finally, the students and teachers of Baliti Integrated School can enjoy the benefits of interactive learning and modern communications.”

The website was developed under GDI’s corporate social responsibility program. Under this program, the company provides technical assistance to institutions who are in need of a means to establish an online presence.

“Mr. Dimaandal and his team have been very helpful to us,”  says Baliti Integrated School principal Mrs. Remedios Ocampo. “Launching our own website is a perfect synergy t our goal of modernizing the way that we educate our area’s youth.”

Baliti Integrated School joins a small but growing group of academic institutions in the Philippines who have built their own websites. To date, only a handful of state-run schools have their websites – most of them universities. Though some K-12 schools in the Philippines can claim to have their own web addresses, these are mostly high end schools that charge tuition fees above the average rate. Baliti is one of the rare cases where a public school enjoys a digital presence that it can be proud of.