Traveloka Helps Launch Baliti Integrated School Website

Baliti Integrated School Launches Official Website with Assistance from GDI
July 12, 2017
Baliti Integrated Gets Assistance from RS Components
December 4, 2017

Thanks in part to Traveloka Philippines, Baliti Integrated School has launched its official website to enhance its communication and teaching capabilities.

The Philippines’ most reliable hotel and flight booking service provider provided necessary assistance to the state-run institution under its corporate social responsibility program. Under this program, Traveloka provides necessary support that will enable worthwhile causes to function.

“It gives us great pride and joy to receive our very own school website,”  says Baliti Integrated School Principal Remedios Ocampo. “This will enhance the way that we teach the schoolchildren and allow us to post updates, features and announcements online very quickly. Traveloka has been gracious enough to help and for that, they have our appreciation.”

Education-related causes are among the areas of emphasis in Traveloka’s social responsibility missions. The company recognizes the value of shaping today’s youth into tomorrow’s productive citizens.

Baliti Integrated School is one of a few public schools in the Philippines that has its own web address. For the most part, schools that have their own websites are either large, state-run universities or upscale private K-12 schools.