Community Service

Located in Barangay Baliti in the Northern part of the city of San Fernando, Baliti Integrated school is an active contributor to the development of its immediate community. By developing responsible, God-fearing and productive citizens, the school helps shape a brighter future for the Filipino people.

Aside from the academic development of children, the school also aids the community in various civic and humanitarian efforts. The school supports and participates in events such as fund raisers, relief operations for calamity victims, elections, Alay-Lakad and others. Students also lend their hands during cleanup drives and tree-planting activities as a show of solidarity with the rest of the nation.

These acts of community service help instill in the students the value of cooperation and service to the nation. Through these works, we facilitate not just the academic development of the youth, but also their love for country and sense of pride as Filipinos.