Baliti Integrated School Receives Website Assistance from Cash Mart

Even public elementary schools need curricular materials and up-to-date technology. However, it is no secret that the school’s restricted budget just can’t cover continuous expenses including website maintenance.

Fortunately, Cash Mart Philippines offers assistance to public schools who yearn to have their own official websites.

Baliti Integrated School is the most recent addition of the Cash Mart’s corporate social responsibility program beneficiaries. This program gives support to public schools who want to launch & maintain their own websites but are unable to support ongoing web maintenance and annual domain name registration.

The schools’ website must adhere to the Core Values identified by the Department of Education which are patriotism, humanitarianism, environmentally conscious and God-loving.

Baliti Integrated School’s online presence is expected to help students, their families and immediate communities know more of the schools’ co-curricular and extra-curricular activities including academic, civic and sports activities. Cash Mart firmly believes that it will help develop awareness, cooperation, and competitiveness among students.

In addition, the said program can benefit the schools in teaching their students the importance of technology and innovations for the coming future. For Cash Mart, websites must be used to share knowledge, help people and give convenience.

Cash Mart is a pioneer startup in the Philippines focusing on online loans. It has been the go-to money lender for Singaporeans for five decades. Now it has reached the Philippine shore to provide financial assistance to the employed, allottees and micro-business owners through its innovative loans. Over the years, it has helped millions of individuals whether for emergencies or personal purposes.

Baliti Integrated School’s official website is expected to have additional features in the coming months this year.