More Website Support for Baliti Integrated School in 2019

Baliti Integrated School’s official school website has been launched to help students, their families and the community to know more of its co-curricular and extra-curricular activities which include academic, civic and sports activities. The website is expected to promote awareness, competitiveness, and cooperation among the students.

However, having a website that’s accessible and you can easily browse needs consistent back-end maintenance. And a public school would need outside support since a website is not included in the Department of Education’s current initiatives.

Fervil Von, a digital marketing specialist based in the Philippines, gives additional website assistance to Baliti Integrated School’s official website months after it has been launched to the public. Fervil Von is known to partner with home builders who outsource their SEO needs, helping their business to be easily found on Google search.

Under his social responsibility mission, Baliti Integrated School was able to cover for the renewal of domain name, website hosting and other IT maintenance needed to keep the website running smoothly.

Online presence is perfect for every organization including elementary schools.

Public schools can highly benefit from better online presence since their students and the rest of the community can learn more information about the school, the academic system it implements and the activities they are currently running.

Add to this, interested benefactors can easily locate the primary school, see its various programs, as well as its vital needs which more sponsors can help with.